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GREAT NEWS!!!  My 4th book of the Deadly Desires Series is here.  "The Abduction," as shown above is available on Amazon now.  So, be sure to immerse yourself in my characters in the first 3 books of the series and then move on to  "The Abduction,"     

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We've all been through a lot these past 19 months and I hope it's brought us closer together.  I want the world to know that we are not complete as a world, without every color God has given us, every religion, every gender, every ethnicity, etc.  Let's learn about one another and admire our differences.  Love is the most powerful gift that each and everyone of us has to give.  And, it costs you nothing.  And it feels so good to give it to others.,  And really wonderful when it comes back to you.  

Always open your Heart and Listen!

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Check out "The Threshold" and see who you relate to.

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The Threshold  -  A Spiritual Journey to understanding your fears.
The Deadly Desires Series   -  Twists/Turns - Edge of your seat suspense and sexual tension.
What Word Defines You?  -  Self-Help -Find a friend/a love/a company that compliments who you are. 

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