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I am continuing to do the virtual hand-holding meditation, sending love, prayers, hope and healing energy for the people suffering during this pandemic, but also to show support to our black brothers and sisters.  #BlackLivesMatter

So I'm asking everyone to Join me at 8:59pm CST, (note the time has changed to 2 minutes later than it did originally).  It allows people to watch the end of a program they've started, which during these times, where many people are quarantined...they need.  

I started the meditation on 3-21-20, and have done it everyday since.  We will connect through virtual hand holding, leaving only physical miles between us. I believe in the power of love and healing with the help of the universe.

I want the world to know that we are not complete as a world, without every color God has given us.  Let's learn about one another and admire our differences.  Love is the most powerful gift that each and everyone of us has to give.  And, it costs you nothing.  And it feels so good to give it to others.,  And really wonderful when it comes back to you.  

Always open your Heart and Listen!

ALL MY BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!!   Please check them out.

STOP the Hate...STOP the Anger.......LISTEN!!!

LOVE is stronger than both... if you acknowledge it!

Check out "The Threshold" and see who you relate to.

Pick your Genre: 

The Threshold  -  A Spiritual Journey to understanding your fears.
The Deadly Desires Series   -  Twists/Turns - Edge of your seat suspense and sexual tension.
WhatWord Defines You?  -  Self-Help -Find a friend/a love/a company that compliments who you are. 

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For those of you, who still prefer to hold a book in your hands, please be sure to go to Amazon and order a soft cover or download to your kindle.  Either way, the story and my characters will take you on a very special journey.

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