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2021 is Upon Us...Yay!!!

Posted by triacia37 on December 30, 2020 at 9:15 AM

Hi folks, it is December 30, 2020.  We have one more day of 2020.  And then, we get to re-invent ourselves for the New Year of 2021.  A vaccine is being given out, so hopefully we will all be safe again from the horrific virus Covid19 (which shall not be named in 2021).  It took far too many lives.

A small stimulus package of $600. and an unemployment insurance extension has been approved to help the masses that have lost jobs, homes, health insurance, etc.  Hopefully, when Joe Biden becomes our President January 20, 2021, we will be helped again.  Then we will wear masks until March and come out of this alive and closer to one another, the way it was meant to be.  Even if you didn't vote for Joe Biden (I did), support the things he does to help others.  Let's make it about people, not the bottom line.  People are what make this world amazing, not how much we have in the bank.  Money definitely helps, but if either people or money disappeared, which would bring us together and allow the world to continue to exist and flourish.  (People's Love, Beauty, Joy, Kindness and Creativity)

Wearing a mask in not just for you, it's for the people around you.  You can have the virus and not even know it.  I did.  I went for a Covid test in November, because I was going to have thumb surgery.  They called me two days before and told me I had Covid.  I was shocked.  I don't see anyone in person.  I shop, but I always wear a mask.  However, once I ran into the gas station for an instant ticket and realized I'd forgotten my mask because I was on the phone.  I ran out and got it.  But all it takes is one time that someone sneezes or coughes before you enter and you walk into that.  Thankfully, my case was very light, but if I went around without a mask, it would not have been.   Please stay safe, for yourself and others.

And please continue being kind to others, doing what you can to help.  Also, continue your dreams.  They are very important.  It's what makes this country amazing.  All the creative people that allow their minds be open and then share the beauty with everyone.

May we all be blessed with a very Healthy and Happy New Year, filled with Love of yourself and all others. Joy for what our world has overcome and learning about what Loving Everyone really means.  Let go of past beliefs of one color, one ethnicity, one religion or one sex being superior to another.  It has never been the case.  Now that our eyes have been opened, let us rejoice in the Love that is shared freely.  Absolutely everyone has a wonderful gift to be shared with the world.  And everyone should be appreciated for it.  If you are helping, you are living a life worth living and you will have True Happiness.  As for me, I attribute that to my belief in God.

Happy New Year!

Love In Light,

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